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Finally: The Investing Program YOU Asked for! 
A Year-long Mentorship that Gives You the Chance to Learn How Top Hedge Funds and Money Managers Catch the BIG Trends

And Get “Done for You” Trades and Guidance so that you Earn While You Learn

This is Christopher and D.R.’s most ambitious program to date – you’ll learn our whole process of managing “top down” trades to find the 3 to 5 big trends every year.  As a bonus, this strategy generates many more intermediate-term trades while waiting for the big ones to set up. 

And all can be done after hours, on your own schedule!  Learn to fish, while having the captains of the ship catch, clean and cook ‘em up for you during the journey…
D. R. Barton, Jr. Christopher R. Castroviejo

Dear Smart Trade Pro family,

We're writing exclusively to you about a marvelous opportunity...

One no serious investor will want to pass up.

It's an opportunity to become part of a very select, very small circle of informed individuals who enjoy private access to real mentors and recommendations derived from the same process that - until now - has only been available to a few institutional traders, hedge fund traders and money managers.

The impact this mentorship program can have on your wealth and financial education is nothing short of remarkable.

We believe that we have created a unique program that puts together all of the most important elements required to master a new craft:

  • The big picture, top down analysis needed to understand long term market context.  Most importantly, how you can learn and use our process to develop your own ongoing understanding of the “big picture”.
  • The most comprehensive toolkit around -- detailed elements of fundamental analysis, technical analysis and often overlooked sentiment analysis
  • The “time at task” needed to have a chance to develop true mastery of the markets.  This mentorship program is designed to last for a year (or longer), so that members can learn, practice and then master the market skills that uncover those great profit opportunities.
  • Lastly, the program has accountability tools built in so that you can monitor your progress, hit your milestones, and have a team standing with you to help you along the journey.

At Long Last... A True Roadmap to Guide Your Financial Education

This amazing new program is fittingly called the Mentors’ Mastery Circle or MMC.  This is an inner circle of investors and traders who are serious about taking their financial education to the next level.
Even at the top hedge fund and proprietary trading desks around the world, new traders don’t come in ready to add millions to the bottom line.  Much like an old world carpenter or blacksmith, a new trader in today’s faced paced world still finds learns the inner workings of this game in the same way – by finding a mentor and learning under their guidance and direction.

The Mentors’ Mastery Circle lays out a roadmap for learning for learning the markets.  And the program has customization built right into the plan – certain elements are designed just for you – a month-to-month plan to learn, retain and apply the key concepts of fundamental, technical and sentiment analysis.  In addition our unique process for tracking – and even anticipating – key sector rotation, will be taught to you from soup to nuts.  Add in multiple accountability checkpoints and individual 1-on-1 sessions with D.R. and Christopher and you have a blueprint to master big trend investing.  All this while you get “done for you” exact entry and exit point big trend trades and you have the recipe for mastery – plus the opportunity to learn while you earn! For those of you who need a refresher on D.R. and Christopher’s biographies, check them out at the website.

Catching the big trends is SOOOO critical.  Christopher’s friends John Paulson, George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones have made careers out of being on the right side of big trends. This is one of the main ways that many hedge funds get their “edge” in the markets.
And an additional bonus happens when you learn and apply a process to identify and track the big trends; you start finding more and more intermediate moves and trading opportunities in the market.  Christopher and D. R. will add many more “done for you” trades including entry and exit on an intermediate time frame – from a few days to a few weeks in duration.  Yet another set of opportunities to “earn while you learn!”

The investment ideas and trades will all have two levels – an Exchange Traded Fund or ETF that can be bought.  These are instruments that anyone can use in their brokerage or retirement accounts. (And don’t worry.  If you don’t already have a brokerage account or don’t like the one you have, we’ll give you guide for choosing among the best U.S. or Canadian brokers.)

On the second level, some of these investment and trades can be done using options so that you have the opportunity to increase your leverage and your gains. (Plus we’ll help you manage the downside risk that comes from using leveraged instruments like options.)

What You Get from the Program – And It’s a Lot!
Below you’ll see the outline of all the deliverables included as part of this program.

  • Access to Mentors

5 One-on-One Mastery Calls Per Year
Finding a mentor in any field can be a time consuming if not close-to-impossible endeavor.  Members of the Mentors’ Mastery Circle receive five one-on-one calls with D.R. and Christopher every year you’re in the program.  And since D.R. and Christopher bring their own particular point of view and strengths to the Smart Trade Pro team, your calls will be split between them, assuring that you get some quality one-on-one time with both D.R. and Christopher.  These calls are the heart of the program and will be scheduled and personalized to meet you at your point of greatest need.

Emergency Access Call (2 per year)

Each student can reach out to either D.R. or Christopher if they are worried about a trade, have an urgent question, are troubled about something or are having a stress/performance anxiety related issue.

  • Chance to Earn While You Learn (Trades done for you while you learn)

Big Trends Trades Found for You - Entries and Exits!
There are three to five big trend moves every year, whether in stocks, gold, energy, commodities, or bonds.  Smart Trade Pro will guide members through the complete trade process:

  • Screening for ideas
  • Trade selection
  • Trade entry
  • Setting stop loss level
  • Managing the trade and the trader while still in the position
  • When to exit

Higher Frequency & Opportunistic Trades Done for You Entries, Exits 
Smart Trade Pro selects swing trades (trades that last from a couple of days to a handful of weeks in duration)  that are meant to supplement longer term “big trend” positions and whose potential profits may supplement students cash flow while participating in the MMC.  “Earn while you learn”.  These positions may be in stocks, ETFs (exchange traded funds) and their related options contracts.  Trades are completely laid out.  Student just needs to follow the recipe.  Again, Smart Trade Pro will guide members through the complete trade process:

  • Screening for ideas
  • Trade selection
  • Trade entry
  • Setting stop loss level
  • Managing the trade and the trader while still in the position
  • When to exit
  • Guidance and Accountability Over Time – this give you the “time at task” for your best chance to achieve mastery

Twice Monthly Members Only Video Conference
Members will get live video teaching sessions twice a month where the real “meat and potatoes” of the program is delivered.  They can attend live or can listen to a recording of the session if they can’t attend the live version for whatever reason.  Members will learn the true “insiders’ tools and tactics” in the three major analytical fields: fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and the little known world of sentiment analysis.

Twice Monthly Accountability Assessment
High value follow-up that doesn’t require a lot of your time. Members will provide their mentors with input on how they’ve been doing over the past two weeks:  Did they read all materials sent to them?  Did they listen to the latest webinar (preferably live) or on recording?  Are they practicing their weekly chart scanning?  Are they keeping their trading/emotional diary up to date?  Have they placed/and or updated their stop loss orders on all positions?  Are they following proper position sizing rules?  Are their areas in their trading and investing education where they need extra help?  Areas where they are currently excelling?  Are there life issues that are “getting in the way”?  Are there life issues that need to be celebrated?

Monthly One-on-One Coaching Call
Members receive a monthly 1-on-1 call from a highly qualified coach to ensure accountability and answer specific questions. Point of emphasis for this call is to help the member ensure that progress is being made and that individual needs are being met.  Members, as always, are encouraged and empowered to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their results both in the program and in their life.

But that's not all.
With these elements alone, the Mentors’ Mastery Circle has much more value than simple coaching programs offered by Real Estate “gurus” and self development “mavens” who charge $50,000 or more for their ongoing coaching programs.
And as a member of the Mentors’ Mastery Circle you’ll receive even more services to give you the very best chance to master the markets and the chance to take your next HUGE step toward financial freedom.

The Bonuses
Smart Trade Pro Mentors' Mastery Circle 2 Day “Fine Tune” Your Plan Summit
Members attend a live two-day seminar at a great resort location. Here you will get new trading tools and concepts, one-on-one time with D.R. and Christopher and will have guided trading improvement exercises.  A weekend where members have the opportunity to take their trading and investing to the next level in a short period of time.

Personal and Investment Mastery Mindset Training 
All top investors agree that developing and managing the mindset and psychology of the trader is the most important aspect of the game.  Members will receive the best information that D.R. and Christopher have learned in their 60+ years in the markets.

“Mentors’ Circle Only” Telephone Hotline w/ Text Alert
Members receive time sensitive updates and alerts via text message such as position entry and exit instructions.  Important “teaching moments” from the market are captured and transmitted using the exclusive Mentors’ Mastery Circle phone hotline.

Personal Copy of Little Known Investing Masterpiece Book
Some of the best investing information is found in dusty old corners.  Timeless information, like that found in this investing classic can make huge shifts in understanding the markets.

Quick Start Set-Up Instruction and Support
For those who need help setting up brokerage accounts (or changing brokers), and setting up their charts and scan lists, you’ll get the guidance and support you need so that you can
“hit the ground running”!

Priority E-mail Access
Mentors’ Mastery Circle members have top priority in D.R. and Christopher’s communication
queue.  Period.

Monthly Trade and Investment Position Update
Each month students receive an update on any trades/investments which have been made.  What is stop loss level?  Time to take profits?  Any prospects for new trades?  Any changes in our viewpoint?  News updates if any related to the position/trade.

Accountability Software / Automation
Accountability exercises work only if they are easy enough to do.  Using the best in class tools, we help make tracking progress easy for members and mentors!

Re-attend privileges for workshops
Members can re-attend any Smart Trade Pro seminar they have attended as our guest.  This provides you with the opportunity to refresh concepts and take them to next level.  (Please note that trading boot camps are not included as part of this bonus.  However, members will receive special priority and rates to re-attend trading boot camps.)

Periodic In-Depth Trade Review & Coaching
Trades with particularly strong learning points will be dissected in detail and discussed with members so they can understand the structure of trades that go really well -- and the ones that don’t.

Personal Investment Journal and Progress Guide
Members receive a physical journal to use as their centralized repository for materials, journals, progress reports.

Complimentary Insider's Club Membership
Membership in our well received $100 per month Insider’s Club is complimentary for every Mentors’ Mastery Circle member.  Insider’s Club membership includes a monthly webinar that 1.) Gives an overview of recent market activity 2.) Teaches a specific tool or technique (Insider’s University) 3.) Teaches a specific psychological lesson or technique related to trading (Insider’s Mind) and 4.) Lays out a specific trading action item in detail.  

A Special Arrangement, Just for You
But the news gets even better...

This service is currently being offered to a select group of people who have prior history with Smart Trade Pro. We’ve offered this service to only one other group of 30 people, and almost half of them jumped at the chance. We will accept a select group of people to join this highly motivated group, and the program will start by the end of January.  So now is the time to act! We wanted to make this program accessible to everyone who is committed to taking their next leap ahead in their financial education.  So instead of the $50,000 that some programs charge, here is our no-nonsense investment proposition for you:

Join the Mentors’ Mastery Circle:

  • $3,000 initial payment
  • $750 per month
  • No time commitment or duration required

That’s it.  And if our other programs are any indication, most of our Charter Members will remain in the program long after the first year is over!

This Could Be a Very Fun and Profitable Year for You
Very few - if any - everyday traders and investors have ever had private access to the this level of teaching and market research.

The Mentors’ Mastery offers you an opportunity to leap over that invisible line that divides the masses - those hoping to make good investment profits - and that tiny fraction who know they finally have the program with the tools, accountability and mentoring required to give them the chance to do it.
We’d love to have you join us.

To secure your spot - and join this group of investors who have to same commitment as you to grab an opportunity to take their financial education -- and results – to the next level, please call us at 877-715-0660 or email Christopher and D. R. directly at .  Tell us the best number to call you so that we can make sure the program is the right fit for you.  Or if you are ready now, just request the Acceptance form and they will be sent to you can fill them out for screening and admittance.

We look forward to an amazing year with you!

God bless you from the folks at Smart Trade Pro

P.S. This program will start in just a couple of short weeks. Call us at 877-715-0660 or email Christopher and D. R. directly at so that you can be part of group that is like no other.


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