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“Smart trade pro was effective as a total and absolute turnaround in my trading style and management. I have been a profitable trader ever since my experience with Smart Trade Pro and its instructors primarily because I now believe in my technique and execute a trading plan daily that
fits my style.”
--William C. Wise III, Richmond, VA

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After two years of struggling to find my way as a trader, I finally found the key to success; Smart Trade Pro.  I trained with two other institutions that did a fair job of educating you about the market, but never really taught you how to adapt to market conditions.  There is no holy grail, no magical system, just a set of tools that enable you to survive and prosper as a trader.  Smart Trade Pro gave me those tools. They helped me put together a trading plan that is tailored to me and not someone else.  They armed me with the tools to determine whether we are in a trending market or range bound market.  And most importantly, they taught me to embrace the psychological side of trading. 
It is the most important. Smart Trade Pro is run by some extremely talented individuals.  Not only are they great traders, but they are great people.  I am very thankful to the Smart Trade Pro team.  My trading journey is finally on the right path!
-- Tim Mock, Greenville, SC

Recently I attended a training session with Smart Trade Pro. It was one of the most Educational working seminars I have attended. The presentations were scintillating and the written material made some very complex material clear and understandable. You needed a basic understanding of the financial markets to fully absorb all that was offered, however the instructors were very hands on to make sure everyone grasped the principles. We were given some new tools and covered the use of the existing ones thoroughly. I was impressed by the complete professionalism of the instructors, and by their concern that everyone could completely grasp the information.
-- Thomas Hamilton, Sarasota, FL.

When Christopher invited me to his workshop I was little reluctant, my mother was visiting me for the first time (and the workshop was during her visit), also I am spending a lot of my time in a new role at my job and I wanted to focus on building a training business. Christopher told me that if I come to the workshop I will go back armed with everything that I need to start investing as I got home. So I talked to my mother and said Yes to Christopher.

I am really glad that I went to this workshop with my wife Jo (thank you Christopher for giving me the motivation to come). The workshop - from smart trade pro -  smart step and My hedge fund in a box (MHFIAB) was the best workshop that I have attended in my life!

I have attended many workshops that are top quality (mostly through Quantum Leap with Peaks) and I have grown tremendously after each workshop - one thing eluded me in most of the workshops and that was that I did not have a definite plan of action that I created in the workshop and that I was able to start implementing when I got home (on Monday). The biggest difference in this workshop was that I had my plan of action in hand and I was able to implement it the week after I attended the workshop (I have often thought that I sometimes procrastinate so for me this is
really good).

So what did I learn in this workshop:

  • Background information on two great systems
  • Details on how to implement the two systems
  • Games and activities -  so that I now know the psychological issues that may have stopped me and I have a good sense of how to control risk
  • A Psychology piece that really will improve my quality of life

and most importantly

  • A way that I can implement all of this on Monday.

D.R. and Christopher bring two different ways of presenting the same information and with the two
of them in the room I felt that every one got the material even though it is a complex subject.

In summary - I feel that I have finally found my passive income vehicle (a golden goose for those of
you who are familiar with that fable). I am really glad that I went to this workshop of Christopher and D.R.'s and without hesitation I will recommend it to my friends who are looking for an easy and elegant way to build their passive income and also grow in life.
-- Keshav Kuthiala, Santa Ana, CA

I know very little about the stock investing world and wanted to take a seminar that would give me the tools to feel comfortable with the material and be able to take action on Monday.

Christopher & D.R.'s chemistry was phenomenal. D.R. was able to present the complex information
in a simple way utilizing "12 year old boy" lingo at times that made it very easy to understand. Christopher brought his knowledge of philosophy & psychology to show how investing is just like everything else in life. It's all about belief systems, universal laws, and understanding the concepts behind the market. Both are geniuses in their own right and have a presentation that is fun, full of passion and applicable.

They made is so easy that even I had no reason to not take action the next week. The stock market had once intimidated me, but no longer. I'm already using technical terms, understanding what they mean and have made a couple of purchases this past week!

I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to step into the market with confidence and support. And who better than to have Christopher & D.R. in your corner!
--Dr. Helen Lee, Chicago, IL

I have recently attended Chris and D.R.'s trading seminar, SmartTradePro.  It was amazing!  First, let me tell you that I am not impressed easily.  This seminar greatly exceeded my expectations.  Half the class had NO trading experience at all.  The other half had a lot of experience with stock trading. 

Doctors "Frick" and "Frack" (Chris & D.R.) have a wealth of knowledge on the technical aspects of trading and the all elusive mind of the trader.  Not only were we schooled in two specific types of trading, we are also given, for the next year, coaching and specific recommendations each weekend regarding the latest trades. 

I have personally studied 2 other systems, both of which are more complicated, take more time, and are more difficult for the new trader.  Pitfalls are easy, with much risk, in the 2 techniques I studied.  SmartTradePro has proven results over many years and is simplified trading for busy people who don't have much time to spend at night, mulling over countless charts and then day trading,
glued to the computer the next day. 

Most of all, Chris and D.R. are men of integrity.  They really put the system, minimal risk and
trading psychology right out front for all to see and benefit.
--Dr. Roland Phillips, Phoenix, AZ _______________________________________________________________________________________________

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