SmartStep Investment Plan

A Workshop Presented by D.R. Barton, Jr. & Christopher Castroviejo

If Your Money Grows or Shrinks!


There Is a Plan Designed to Beat the Street:

Smart Step Investment Plan
Beat Wall Street Like a Drum

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Wall Street advice is designed to make Wall
Street players richer, not their customers.  Learn the way to take control of your financial future and beat the pants off of Wall Street – all in less than
10 minutes a week.

Learn how professional money managers beat the markets year after year

Discover the tools and tactics so simple that ANYONE can learn to use them for the
opportunity to earn superior returns on their
long-term savings
D. R. Barton, Jr. Christopher R. Castroviejo

Dear Fellow Investor,

For decades, Wall Street has spent countless advertising dollars trying to convince the public that
buying and holding mutual funds is the only way to make money in the stock market.

They are dead wrong.
If you followed Wall Street’s advice and invested $10,000 in a mutual fund that tracks the performance
of the S&P 500 Index in January of 1999, by the end of 2005, you would have only $9,967 in that account!

Seven years of dutifully following Wall Street advice – and a net loss to show for your efforts. 
And it gets worse…

If you had the bad luck of jumping into the same investment in January of 2000, that same $10,000 would be worth only $8,278!  Six years of patient waiting, only to have your account shrink by more
than 17%.

Worse still, as of May, 2009, that $10,000 invested in January of 1999 would be worth $7303!

That certainly sounds better to me. But here is even better news – our Smart Step Investment Plan offered those returns while being invested far fewer months than the buy and hold strategy, while reducing stock specific risks through the use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

There Is a Better Way.

My name is D. R. Barton, Jr., and I have a passion for helping people take control of their financial futures. That was the main reason I spent the time and effort to co-author the +New York Times+ best-selling book +Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom+. And now, my partner Christopher Castroviejo and I have created the Smart Step Investment Plan workshop to show both new and experienced investors a simple opportunity and strategy that will allow you to take control of your financial future.

Christopher’s 35 years on Wall Street taught him the good AND bad sides of what goes on inside the world’s largest financial institutions. Christopher shares that incredible knowledge and experience with you in this fun, and informative workshop.

The simple steps we teach in this workshop will give you the keys to earning the kind of returns that can supercharge your investment account. And better yet, you can apply these strategies in less than 10 minutes per week!

You'll come away from this fun, fast-paced and enjoyable seminar with detailed information on strategies and tactics that give you control of your nest matter what the market is doing.

But just in case you need some marketing “lingo” to help you commit to this great seminar, here you go:

You'll Get 15 Simple Secrets of Long-Term Investing: Secrets That Can Help You Take Control.

Here's a sample of what you'll learn during this exciting new course:

  • An exact recipe for managing your nest egg
  • How to develop the discipline to stick to a plan – no matter what
  • Why Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) give you a huge investing edge
  • Which ETFs make your account soar and…
  • Which ETFs to avoid like the plague
  • Learn what percentage of your account to invest in minutes a week
  • Find the best investments in the world and add them easily to your portfolio
    – regardless of geography
  • Determine the best sectors
    – where you should be investing now
  • Learn how to get rid of sinking investments without emotion
    – and with minimum losses
  • Find out why emotional investments can smash your account and practical ways
    to control your own emotions
  • Learn the keys to participating in every mega move up
    (they come more often than you think)
  • See the simple keys that allow you to steer clear of the mega moves down
    (they’re more devastating than you think)
  • Learn how to use our simple Weekly Update e-mail to make adjustments to your
    portfolio in less than 10 minutes per week.
  • Find the optimum frequency for monitoring your account – and stop worrying every day
  • Learn the simple method to exclude inconsistent and “bad acting” funds from your portfolio

The Bottom Line:  You Control Your Nest Egg - In Only Minutes a Week!

Let’s get right to the real issues: you really want bigger returns for your investments in the least possible time. Here are the kinds of returns that the Smart Step Investment Plan has posted from 1999 through the end of mid-November 2007:

Learn to Fish AND Enjoy Your Meal Served on a Silver Platter – Every Week

At SmartTradePro, we want you to help take control of your financial future. So we personally take two days to teach you the details of the Smart Step Investment Plan. This is no black box investing system - everything is fully revealed. We want to "teach you how to fish" so that you are 100% ready to make every investment decision for yourself.


We also know that most people want some help along the way, to make sure they are implementing the system correctly. And some folks just flat don't want to fish at all. They would prefer that someone else catch the fish, filet it, grill it beautifully and add a side of rice pilaf.

For those folks, we provide an easy-to-understand, one page research report every week. This simple report contains concise directions telling you exactly how to invest for the coming week - instructions you can implement in 10 minutes or less. And for those who want to learn more about the basis for the system’s decisions, there will be a succinct explanation of the research behind the investment directions.  And best of all – your workshop tuition INCLUDES ONE FULL YEAR of Smart Step weekly research reports!  (This alone is an $2,500 value.)

Sign Up Early - And Save $500

The price of this Smart Step Investment Plan course including the My Hedge Fund in a module is $5,495. However, if you pay in full by the early enrollment date of December 1, 2007 you can deduct $500 from your price for a total price of $4,995.

No, this training is not by any means cheap. But we believe you get what you pay for in the trading and investing world. Many investors out there are making the same costly mistakes over and over - mistakes that are costing them far more than the price of this course - simply because they don't know the powerful methods that you'll learn in this workshop.

Also, if you come with a colleague, we will give each of you an additional $300 discount (please note that this discount only applies to the $5,495 Smart Step Investment Plan price or the $4,995 early enrollment price and may not be combined with any other discount).

Remember, new courses tend to sell out early, so don't delay.

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D.R. Barton, Jr.

(Be aware that hypothetical performance may vary from actual performance and that past results are
not predictive of future results.)


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