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D. R. Barton, Jr. Christopher R. Castroviejo

Dear Fellow Investor and Traders,

We’ve heard from so many folks about how frustrating it has been to watch their account balances in the last couple of years. In 2008, they saw portfolios implode during the global market meltdown. And in 2009, the market seemed to go up day-after-day regardless of whether the news or the economic numbers were good or bad. The traditional financial guidance people have received has left them frustrated and afraid. And we understand.

Fear, however, is a poor chisel with which to carve out your future. The only limit to your realization of a more desirable tomorrow is the doubt to which you hold fast today. And that’s true for your financial future and for your personal future -- not to mention your health. Only the weak are ruled by circumstances. For the rest of us, we can choose what our future will look like. Please don’t get stuck in the place that never was just because of the turbulence that seems to be all around us in the world. There is a warehouse filled with the dreams and goals of people who didn’t have the courage to take action. Be one of the people who take action. Be one of the people who take action now, so that 2010 can finally change your financial status!

The financial markets can seem like a confusing and dangerous place to the casual observer. Many investors are wondering how on earth they are ever going to wrap their arms around this problem and learn how to cope with it. Many of them have chosen to simply turn their financial life over to someone else. But, you know perfectly well that nobody cares as much about your own money as you do.

In one of our programs, we answer the first three key steps to investment:

1. Invest or not
2. Invest in what
3. When to get out of the party, when is it time to sell

These are still the three key questions to any investment strategy. But, in the Next Step Program, we
take you to the next level of competence. Instead of raising your hand, flagging a taxi down, putting your portfolio in the back seat, getting in and saying to the driver, “Take me to my destination,” you do something different. You stick your arm out, a taxi stops, you say to the driver, “Get in the back seat, I’m the one driving this time.” You put your portfolio next to you on the front seat and you choose your destination and you guide the taxi and your portfolio to whatever your preferred destination is. Doesn’t that give you a better sense of control? Surely you don’t want to let someone else be in control. And then run the risk of being chained to the mirror of regret because they did the wrong things with your portfolio. You don’t want to give up control of your money and your financial future. You’re the type of person who would rather put the tools and skills in place to determine your own financial future.

In January of 2010 we are going to be teaching one of our most powerful programs, The Next Step Program. This is a program where you learn how to actually drive the car. You learn how to achieve higher returns with greater confidence using some of the most efficient investment products on the planet, namely, Leveraged Exchanged Traded Funds.

Most people are familiar with regular Exchange Traded Funds. They include baskets like the SPY for Spider, which is the Standard & Poors depository receipt; or baskets like GLD for gold, which represents the price of gold; or baskets like ILF which represent all of Latin America, the Latin America Fund. And these are great instruments. But, there are ways to make specific sector investments using Leveraged ETFs which can produce two or in some cases three times the return of the underlying benchmark index. This means that if an index that you are invested in were to appreciate by 10 percent, you have the possibility of making 30 percent or even more on your investment.

In addition, these Leveraged ETFs come in two flavors, vanilla for long and chocolate for short. This means that you can make money if the market goes up or goes down. You can speculate on instruments going up, and you can also speculate on instruments going down using the chocolate flavor.

Let’s take China as an example of an inverse double-leveraged ETF. If you are in the China FXP ETF
this will give you a return of two times the drop in the Chinese FTSE Xinhua Index, which is like the Dow Jones index of China. So, if the Chinese index were to fall 10 percent, your inverse fund (what’s known as a negative Beta fund) would appreciate by 20 percent. That’s pretty cool. Imagine that you will now have instruments that allow you to make money in both directions in the market, and because these Leveraged ETFs, both long ones and inverse ones, are actually classified as 1940 Act Tradable Funds, you can use these in your 401K or you can use them in your IRA because technically speaking you are never effecting a short position, you are just going long or buying a negative bias ETF.

The Leveraged ETFs offer a relatively small number of instruments that can help you to achieve your returns easily and efficiently. With these ETFs you can express an opinion on the NASDAQ 100, on the Dow Jones, on the Standard & Poors 500 Large Cap Index, on the Russell 2000 Small Cap Index, and you can express that opinion as either a bullish one, hoping that they will go up, or a bearish one, expecting them to go down. Not only that, some of these are available not only in a two times leveraged flavor but also in a three times leveraged flavor. For example, if you had purchased the Standard & Poors 500 triple leveraged ETF at the recent November 2 bottom, in only 10 days you had achieved a 30 percent return on your capital. That’s pretty good for two weeks work!

Your choices do not end at the shorelines of the US. There are also leveraged funds to express investment opinions on China, both long and short; Japan, both long and short; the Europe, Asia and
Far Eastern region, both long and short; the emerging markets, both long and short. So you can see that these instruments can allow you to have a global point of view as to what we are doing.

In addition, you can also tilt your portfolio towards certain styles. For example, you can choose to buy growth or to buy value in terms of an investment style, and you can choose by capitalization size. That is small cap, mid cap, or large cap.

One of the most powerful strategies well proven over the last 50 years on Wall Street is that if you can
get into the right industry sectors there’s a tremendous amount of money to be made and yet by buying an industry sector you avoid individual stock risk. Leveraged ETFs allow us to be involved in basic materials, consumer goods, consumer services, financials, long or short, healthcare, industrials,
oil and gas (long or short), real estate (long or short), and technology (long or short).
As you can see, you have ways to bet on all the significant economic sectors.

Finally, Leveraged ETFs are available to express points of view in commodities. As we see the commoditization of assets and the securitization or the monetization of commodities which is taking place across the world, it is more important for investors to be able to expose their portfolio to various commodities. By using Leveraged ETFs, you can easily be either a bull or a bear on gold, silver, crude
oil and various currencies. This is a tremendous advantage over what used to be possible for the individual investor.

These new Leveraged ETFs trade on the New York Stock Exchange. They are extremely liquid (meaning that they trade high volumes every day) so it is easy to both buy and sell them. However, these are power tools and they require the right level of knowledge and confidence to be used effectively.

This is precisely what you will get during The Next Step Program. You will get learning along two different levels. First of all, you will learn a number systematic computerized approaches whereby the computer will actually spit out buy and sell signals on these Leveraged ETFs which you will receive in an email. So that’s kind of like flagging the taxi down and asking him to take you to a destination. But at the same time we will also spend a great deal of time teaching you how easy and fun it can be to buy and sell Leveraged ETFs by learning how to do it yourself and performing the analysis yourself. And this analysis is not difficult. We have identified a number of key tools, most of them extremely visual, so that you can look at these instruments and know at a glance whether you want to be a buyer or a seller.

In addition, we teach you all the techniques of position sizing and risk control you need to know to use these power tools effectively and safely so as to boost the return on your portfolio. We are even going to explore with you a way to use these instruments so that you can profit irrespective of whether the market goes up or down. When you see this technique we suspect many of you will have a great big
A-Ha moment.

Next Step is taught in a 3 day format on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Like all of our seminars, it is highly interactive. You will learn by hearing, by doing, and by experiencing through a combination of lecture format, exercises and fun games that teach deep and long-lasting lessons. By the time you’re ready to go home on Monday afternoon, you will know that your investing life will never be the same. You will have been transformed by your new knowledge and confidence.

Working with these Leveraged ETFs can produce some startling large gains. One of the instruments on the Standard & Poors produced a 90 percent gain in only 9 weeks last summer. Another industry sector vehicle, this one in real estate, produced a 90 percent gain in only 4 weeks. But seeing is believing. And we look forward to showing you how you can spot trades like this and how you can do it while only spending an hour to two hours a week running your whole program and doing your research.

How many of you think it would be worth an hour of your time every week to turbo-charge your investment portfolio’s returns? And you’d also get to experience an unmatched level of confidence that would make you look forward to reading the financial section instead of avoiding it! You’ll never again be afraid to open your monthly statement from your broker, not quite sure what he or she has done to you this
past month.

Obstacles are merely markers on your pathway to success. An experienced captain keeps his eyes firmly fixed on the lighthouse - not on the storm. Don’t let all the noise in the media keep you from what you deserve. Your light, your harbor and your future is well within sight … if you grasp the opportunity that is in front of you now.

Sign-up for Next Step. You CAN do this. And it can change your life.

How many of you have been thinking the following: “Too much of my life has been spent doubting my beliefs and believing my doubts”? No more! Replace those thoughts with, “I have faith in my future. I do not look left or right; I choose to look forward, I choose to persist and reach my goals.”

One decision you make can literally change the world, that’s right. Think of the decision that Mother Teresa made to offer her life in service to others and how it changed the world. In the same vein, one decision you make can literally change your financial future and your family’s financial future. A decision to charge ahead and to ignore any fears. A decision to change can yield unlimited results. So do it! Do it now. Change your life, change your family’s future, and change your finances. It’s time to take control of your future, and grasp the opportunity you deserve! Join us at Next Step for the experience of your life.

Next Step will be held January 16, 17 and 18, 2010 at the five-star Green Valley Ranch and Casino just six miles from McCarran airport in Las Vegas - a resort retreat and hotel - and we've gotten a fabulous rate for you! The special SmartTradePro room rate is $120 per night, which includes the $25 resort fee, so the real room rate is $95 per night. It's a beautiful and self-contained property so come prepared to take advantage of the convenience and enjoy all the amenities of the resort. Of course, Christopher, D.R. and Dr. Z will be staying there! Green Valley Ranch offers dining options at every price point from luxury to fast food court, right at the resort, and there is an airport shuttle from the airport. Did we mention the spa, the concerts, the grand events center, movie theaters, pubs, and much more? The gardens and vineyard are really gorgeous, so get ready for a high end experience at a bargain price!



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