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Professional E-Mini Futures
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E-mini index futures are among of the most popular trading instruments in the world. Low margin rates and low commissions combine
to make e-mini futures trading one of the most highly leveraged and profitable areas in all of trading.

Learn how pro traders take consistent profits from
the e-mini markets

Don't become a statistic – one of those traders
who try futures trading and lose a bundle by
trading like the herd

Discover the tools and tactics that top traders use to gain a huge edge in these volatile and profitable markets

D. R. Barton, Jr. Christopher R. Castroviejo

Dear Fellow Trader,

The allure of trading the e-mini futures market is undeniable: low capital requirements combined with extremely liquid markets make this trading style accessible to a wide range of people.

It’s so easy to get into e-mini trading that many people jump in and loose their shirts -- before they know what hit them.

E-mini trading offers high leverage – the ability to control high value contracts with very little cash (or margin). This is a double edged sword that provides great potential for big profits – and equal opportunities for big losses.

This workshop is your chance to learn how to use this leverage in your favor and to learn how professional traders turn consistent profits – in all market conditions.

My name is D. R. Barton, Jr. And I've created this workshop along with my partner Christopher Castroviejo to show traders the tools, tactics and strategies that professional traders, who Christopher and I have worked with, use to profit in the exciting world of e-mini trading. (For more about my professional background and Christopher’s, please see our bios at the bottom of this article.)

I enjoy trading many different instruments, including day trading and swing trading stocks. But most of my trading time is devoted to my current passion - the e-mini market.

Christopher and I talk with traders all over the globe on a daily basis. This course is a combination of the best practices that we’ve learned from the best traders around.

The workshop features some straightforward and simple strategies and tactics for newer traders as well as advanced concepts and systems that will appeal to even the most experienced traders.

But most importantly, these are tactics that can be used to master any market – trending or sideways; volatile or non-volatile.

We'll show you the best ways I know to create a technically sound trading system to maximize your profits and how to use the best tool in business...the key to finding out whether we are experiencing a range day or trend day. We’ll also tackle the tough “nuts and bolts” psychological factors that uniquely affect day traders (just one of these secrets alone could be the "missing link" in your own trading).

I don’t want to fill this piece with “marketing hype” because this course is all about using the best tools in the business to be the best trader you can be.

That’s it – solid, proven information that works in the real world.

You'll come away from this fun, fast-paced and enjoyable seminar with detailed information on strategies and tactics that can help make you bigger gains...no matter what the market is doing.

But just in case you need some marketing “lingo” to help you commit to this great seminar, here you go:

You'll Get 15 Simple Secrets of E-Mini Trading Success - Secrets That Can Help You Maximize Your Profits

Here's a sample of what you'll learn during this exciting new course:

  • The key numbers that make or break every trading day
  • How your trading attitude can make your trading day more successful
  • How to trade point-to-point using the methods of top professional traders
  • The critical components of The best trading systems
  • The unbreakable rules of e-mini trading
  • Transforming knowledge into profits: Business Planning
  • The three phases of trading mastery and how to progress through each
  • Practical position sizing for day traders – controlling risk; maximizing profits
  • Scaling in – when to scale in and when not to scale
  • Trend day vs. range day – staying on the right side of the market
  • Pre-market prep – the key to day trading success
  • Mechanical systems for The Logical Trader - Indicator-based e-mini systems
  • Return to the mean strategies for counter-trend and range trading profits
  • State-of-the-art execution tools and tactics
  • When trend days come, how to get in and hang on for big wins

With These E-Mini Strategies, You Can Use the Leverage That Eats Other Traders Alive

Don’t be stuck with one trading strategy!

We’ll explore how you can focus in on two to four critical points each day and trade the broader intraday moves.

You can also add key scalping strategies to your toolbox and trade more actively throughout the day for quick, consistent profits.

And you can combine the two strategies for a high-powered ways to profit whether the market trends or trades in a range.

Learn By Doing

Dr. Van Tharp, well-known trading coach and my personal mentor, has been a leader and innovator in Position Sizing for years. So you'll learn the real-world value of position sizing and some other lessons that take some day traders years and thousands of dollars to learn.

We’ll also dig into some computer-based simulations that will help you ingrain the concepts being taught. You won't just read and hear about good trading strategies, you'll actually apply them during our three days together.

Lastly, in this Saturday through Monday course, we’ll leave the best for last – live trading with my own money on Monday morning. This is where we’ll put what we’ve learned into practice.

Once you’ve learned all of the top notch material from this workshop, you’ll find that your own trading is less stressful, more successful, and frankly, a lot more fun.

Best of all - you don't have a thing to lose by coming to this course. Not a dime of your own money. We take all the risk.

Let me show you what I mean...

If You're Not 100% Satisfied By Day Two - You Get All Your Money Back

We offer what I believe is the best guarantee ever offered by a trading course.

Come to the E-Mini Index Trading course I've been telling you about...listen to the discussions...and participate in the exercises and simulations.

If, for some reason, by 12 noon on the second day of the workshop, you are not totally satisfied with everything you've learned, simply return your course materials to a staff member.

We'll refund every penny of your tuition.

Of course, you'll have the benefit of the first half of the course...and you still won't be charged a cent.

I think that's about as risk-free as you can get - don't you?

Here's why we offer such a great guarantee: Our goal is to help you become a more successful e-mine index trader. We know that chances are good you'll be simply delighted with what you learn.

That's why we don't mind taking this kind of risk. Because we know these secrets and techniques have helped many traders just like you.

Sign Up Early - And Save $500

E-mini index futures are among of the most popular trading instruments in the world. Low margin rates and low commissions combine to make e-mini futures trading one of the most highly leveraged and profitable areas in all of trading.

Remember, new courses tend to sell out early, so don't delay.

The course will begin on Saturday at 9:00 am. We recommend you arrive the evening before the course begins. The course will end on Monday at approximately 4:30 pm.
To register now, call (877) 715-0660.

Attendance, as always, will be strictly limited.
D.R. Barton, Jr.

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